Outdoor Advertising Convention 2022

OAC 2022 will feature two days of intense deliberations on the emerging business opportunities in the OOH space, as also the issues that need to be addressed to sustain the industry's growth momentum.

The Convention will feature thematic sessions covering areas like adoption of new technologies for transforming OOH advertising experiences for brands and audiences alike, mainstreaming of OOH media with the express goal of increasing OOH

share of the overall advertising pie, long-term investment opportunities for OOH firms that include participation in PPP projects, showcasing of brands that were built on the OOH landscape, talent management, eco-friendly industry practices, self-regulation, innovative media, among others.

The two-day Convention will be addressed by global OOH leaders, highly acclaimed brand marketers, planners, government officials, and accomplished creative professionals.

The Convention will facilitate knowledge sharing on the latest global and pan-India OOH business trends and ways to accelerate enterprise growth and industry expansion.

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