OOH Advertising Convention 2024

Outdoor Asia & Media4Growth (www.media4growth.com) are India’s foremost publications on OOH business. Outdoor Asia, a monthly magazine published by VJ Media Works Pvt Ltd, a media company, provides comprehensive, analytical perspectives on Indian OOH industry & the stakeholder businesses.

Media4Growth, a news portal that also sends out a daily newsletter, is published by Thought Shows & Events Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of VJ Media Works Pvt Ltd. The company organises the prestigious, annual Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) (www.oacasia.org) that brings all OOH industry stakeholders on a common platform. The company also organises the highly respected annual Outdoor Advertising Awards (OAA) contest, as well as the high-decibel OAA show. In addition, the company organises regional OOH industry events like Talks OOH! Conferences in different cities.