OOH Advertising Awards (OAA) 2024 Contest, formerly known as Outdoor Advertising Awards, will shine the light on the most outstanding OOH works planned and executed in the period April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024. Along with the change in the awards’ nomenclature, OAA 2024 seeks to broaden the coverage of the OOH canvas by creating new award categories.

Entries to the 18th OAA Awards will be open after March 20, 2024, and an announcement to that effect will be made through our media channels

All OAA 2024 entries are to be submitted online, in specified templates available here. 

The entries will be adjudicated by separate Juries comprising eminent brand marketers and creative heads who have deep knowledge of OOH advertising. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your OOH works & win awards & accolades!