Alok Jalan

Alok Jalan

Managing Director - Laqshya Media

'No barriers for entry. No barriers for failure.'

At a time when the out-of-home industry was still unstructured, Alok Jalan started to build an OOH media business house that was structured, organized and global in its outlook. It was his vision of being a trend setter and innovator in the Indian OOH media space that led him to set up Laqshya Media Group in 1997. Under his leadership, Laqshya has grown to become one of the foremost OOH media companies in the country.

Over the years, Mr. Jalan has led the organization to expand its bouquet of services to include experiential marketing and advertising. His visionary leadership has also made Laqshya the only OOH media organization to reach international shores in the UAE and Sri Lanka. He also believes in contributing towards the OOH industry as a whole and that is why he also founded IOAA (Indian Outdoor Advertising Association). He is also the patron sponsor of the IOS (Indian Outdoor Survey) conducted by the MRUC (Media Research User Council).