Junaid Shaikh

Junaid Shaikh

Managing Director RoshanSpace

'How to prevent commoditisation of OOH buying'

The maverick MD of RoshanSpace, Junaid Shaikh has been actively leading from the front in the OOH arena. Under his hands-on leadership, RoshanSpace has grown into a boutique OOH partner to clients, offering them the  most premium and aesthetically appealing locations available in the country. An unbeatable combination of grit, humility, design thinking and fearless creativity, Junaid has broad expertise in turning ideas into business with the ability to build and scale. A world traveller, Junaid brings a global perspective to the world of OOH. A sufi yoga teacher, he brings yogic principles to the world of business.


The man responsible for building Asia’s largest billboard, Bandra Focal, in the middle of the pandemic, in the brutal monsoon, while India faced its worst material shortage since Independence, Junaid walks his talk. With a legacy of 45 years behind him where his father shaped the out of home industry and bailed it out several times, Junaid is carrying the legacy forward. He convinced the authorities to waive off the license fees during the pandemic, a huge relief to small players, helping them to stay in business. 


RoshanSpace is also spearheading the need for accountability in OOH with metrics and automation  that accelerates revenue growth. With Prodigi, India’s longest DOOH network on the Airport Road in Mumbai, Junaid is bringing a blend of art, science and tech into the OOH arena. Committed to giving brands a grand canvas to tell a compelling story, RoshanSpace aims to be a crucial part of the growth trajectory of brands that it partners with.