Arvind Sahay

Arvind Sahay

IIM Ahmedabad

'‘Applying neuroscience to OOH advertising’ '

Arvind Sahay is Professor of Marketing and International Business at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, Faculty Chair of Executive Education Programmes in pricing, neuroscience in marketing, fintech and enhancing salesforce performance, and behavioural science for CXOs. Prof. Sahay undertakes research in areas like pricing and valuation, managing innovation, marketing of high tech products, marketing strategy, market entry strategies, brand management, matching the organisation to the market, marketing effectiveness metrics, e-marketing, WTO and international trade. He is the author of the book ‘Brands and the Brain: How to use Neuroscience to create Impactful Brands’.


In the part of his career, Prof. Sahay worked in the manufacturing and financial services sectors, apart from engaging in IT consulting. He is a recipient of the Dewang Mehta Best Teacher in Marketing Management Awards (2015). He was nominated to Thinkers 50, India by the Institute of Competitiveness, Harvard Business School.