Mac Gangam

Mac Gangam

Shenzhen Atenti Technologies, China

''Workshop on Digital OOH hardware selection, installation & software integration''

Mac Gangam, President of Shenzhen Atenti Technologies Co Ltd, China, has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing LED display screens globally. His venture is specialised in quality processing of LED display screens as a manufacturer and helps clients to integrate customised outdoor LED display screens for advertising and brand promotion. Mac has been involved in LED display screens manufacturing since 2006 in the manufacturing hub of electronics Shenzhen, China.


Seeing the immense potential in developing outdoor LED display media, Mac started a company in partnership with Chinese entrepreneurs under the name MRLED in 2006 and catapulted the company to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange by 2013. After that he left MRLED and acquired Atenti Technologies (USA), an outdoor installation and solution provider which has been in business since 1997, and set up a new manufacturing facility called Shenzhen Atenti Technologies with complete automated LED display product lines in Shenzhen, China. The firm enjoys strategic partnerships with leading outdoor LED display integrators in India, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Canada, etc.