Nirmal Thakur

Nirmal Thakur

General Secretary - KOAA

'How Kolkata got its groove back'

OAA, Kolkatta was formed in 1972 under the Aegis of Late Rusi B. Gimi, & other stalwarts like Late Hemanta Shah, Late S K Gosh, Late M.N. Roy, Late Bhutan Saha etc. The association was formed to a) promote healthy trade practices b) To negotiate & procure relief with the Govt. & other Agencies . Till now the Association is working towards this goal with other additional woes that is beseeching our trade. The latest problems that association is dealing with is the directive, by the dept. of environment, West Bengal, to convert the present illumination of boards to solar power.

Niram Thakur, from Bijoli Studio is the secreatary of KOAA . Bijoli is one the oldest company in the field of the outdoor (74 yrs) mainly engage in the manufacture of signages like glow sign neon sign, steel sign, road sign etc. have a very limited presence in the field of Bill Boards which are mostly situated in the suburbs of West Bengal.