Nabendu Bhattacharyya

Nabendu Bhattacharyya

Founder & Managing Director - Milestone Brandcom

Born in the ‘city of joy’- Kolkata, Nabendu dreamt of being a famous football player! Football; a sport which needs no lines, no floodlights, no time limits. It is played in parks, on street corners, alleyways, side streets, apartment block lobbies, beaches. It is spontaneous, freeform and individual. He got close in real time…. he joined ‘out-of-home advertising’.

18 years of experience in OOH space , starting with Selvel Media in Delhi , and then moved to Emirates Neon in Middle East & finally with Ogilvy for 11 years and last assignment being Ogilvy Action – President (India) , under his leadership Ogilvy Action controlled over 40% of Ooh Industry Spends.

In 2009 Nabendu moved from Ogilvy to set up his own long-time dream organization Milestone Brandcom , in a short span of 18 months it is one of the leading and fastest growing organization with over 50 brands on board with over 115 people and 42 network offices , its expanding and growing..

His recent achievement was , runner up in the category Business Development Person of the year ’08 A’pac in “The Agency of The Year Awards” organised by Media Magazine ‘A’pac.

The explorer in him loves travelling. The child in him loves soccer.