David Gordon

David Gordon

Insight Director, Posterscope UK

'Will interactive technologies provide new growth stimulus to OOH business? Opportunities & barriers'

After university and a brief relationship with accountancy, David entered the advertising world as a media research executive for Scottish Television in London. He then spent several years working within the ITV Network on both the programme and advertising research sides of the business.

David joined Posterscope in 2001, and as Posterscope's Global Insight Director he is responsible for pursuing accountability in the OOH medium, building clients' understanding of how OOH communication can work for them and ensuring that learnings are shared across Posterscope's worldwide network.

Putting the consumer at the heart of planning OOH was a significant shift in how the medium was considered and the catalyst was the launch of Posterscope’s consumer survey – OCS. The output helped create the optimum OOH plan determining the most efficient format/environment mix to engage with the consumer at the right time, in the right place, in the right mindset. Having launched OCS successfully in the UK, David then rolled it out across the world and to date it runs in 30 markets.

The digital world is changing consumer behaviour and expanding the opportunities that the OOH space provides for advertisers, and within the Dentsu Aegis Network David’s role today is to ensure that OOH is evaluated in comparable terms to other communication channels and that the whole OOH capability is recognised.