1. The content was too good along with the theme.
2. Speakers were good but would have preferred to have a some from an FMCG brand.

Jacob Datta - VP - Business Development - Outreach OOH

The Good:
Nice collection of speakers. Sonal was good, Rajul was the best of the lot.
The service tax speaker was a masterstroke, need of the hour. Appreciated by everyone all around.
Raju Srivastav was undoubtedly a runaway success and became the best highlight of the conference.
There was stricter time management most of the time compared to the previous years
All the nominations highlighted in big size outside the venue was brilliant, created immediate excitement and anticipation for the awards

The Not-so-good:
I have the same gripe as previous years. Typically if there were 5 nominations in a category, one got gold, one silver, and all the other 3 got bronze. This please-all system needs to be subverted which will only happen once the jury has good enough judgment skills so as not to have a tie for any spot. I look forward to a day when there are 6 nominations and one each get a gold, silver, and bronze. Let there be someone nominated who does not get any metal as well. It will only enhance the stature of winning.
Raju Srivastav, despite his fantastic performance, should have been given a stricter time limit. He took close to one and a half hours by which time it was too late to sustain the same interest in the 2nd half of the awards. Since a few in the audience had started feeling hungry and restless, they walked out after his performance.
The auditorium had become too small for the first half of the awards which obviously had more attendance than the conference sessions.

Some suggestions for future editions:
Apart from the quiz, how about an impromptu creative contest, wherein everyone is divided into lots of small groups and given a half hour or 45 mins to come up with the best Hoarding creative on a theme. Let the best creative group get small prizes.
A poll of suggestions for betterment of the industry to be conducted and the best 3 to be read out at the end of the conference
A session on the designing of a creative,i.e. how does the creative process take place from the initial thought to the flex on the display including software processing, designing, production, etc.

Overall, as usual, fantastic job done. Keep up the good work.

Ajaz Memon - Managing Director - Network Media Solutions